The NC Fermentation Festival 2024 : Mythbusting Fermentation

The NC Fermentation Festival 2024 : Mythbusting Fermentation

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We are thrilled to announce fermentation revivalist and author Sandor Katz will headline the festival this year.   Sandor, alongside a talented group of presenters, will share their expertise, inspirations, culinary wisdom, and creations.  

This unique food and beverage festival explores the delicious and fascinating world of fermentation. Enjoy an afternoon filled with insightful demonstrations, informative presentations, interactive hands-on workshops, and food tastings with a vibrant market.

We are thrilled to kick off this year’s festival with an incredible multi-course dinner at Burkett Farm featuring fermentation expert and author, Sandor Katz. The dinner will be held Friday evening August 30th at 7pm.   Fermentation in popular culture is full of misconceptions, and Sandor is here to set the record straight. He and chef Jacob Boehm, the visionary behind Snap Pea, have collaborated to create a menu inspired by several commonly touted “myths” about fermentation. Each course will feature ingredients sourced from local farms, highlight various fermentation processes, and extract the truths about fermentation from one of its foremost experts. This event is NOT to be missed, and seating is quite limited. Dinner tickets are sold separately and not included with your festival ticket.  

During the festival, you can expand your knowledge about various types of ferments, sign up for upcoming classes, sample food, and drink, and support our local community of passionate fermentors and farmers by purchasing their exceptional fermented foods and related products.  Sandor has laid out 7 myths that we will explore throughout the festival.  

1) Fermentation is a Hot New Trend in Food 2) Fermentation is Dangerous 3) Fermentation is Unhygienic 4) Fermentation is Not Known or Practiced by Indigenous Peoples 5) Fermented Foods Cure Cancer, Prevent COVID, and Reverse Aging 6) Fermentation Requires Specialized Knowledge or Facilities 7) Fermentation Requires Starter Cultures

This event is open to all and family-friendly, but please keep your furry friends at home for this one.  

The 2024 NC Fermentation Festival is sponsored by our good friends at Happy Dirt! 

Location: Botanist & Barrel, 105 Persimmon HIll Lane, Cedar Grove, NC just 30 minutes from Durham, NC

Time: Sunday, September 1st from 1-5pm.  

Raindate: Monday Septermber 2nd 1-5pm. 


Presenters Include:

Sandor Katz, Fermentation Revivalist, and Author 

Ron Graff, Baker/Owner of Loaf 

Meg Chamberlain of Fermenti Foods

Eunice Chang of The Spicy Hermit 

Hannah Bardin, Chef 

Luis Martinez, Chef and Owner of Tequio Foods

Emily Buehler, Chef and Author

The Chefswild Team, Chefs and Foragers

Full Free Demonstration Schedule:

1:30pm Bread making without buying a starter with Ron Graff of Loaf 

2:15pm Fermentation and the Evolution of Life with Sandor Katz 

Contrasting the myth that fermentation is a new trend or fad with the reality that it has been an essential part of how people use food everywhere, and its central role in the evolution of life. 

3:30pm The Basics Of Vegetable Fermentation with Meg Chamberlainof Fermenti Foods Breaking It Down To Self-Brined & Brined As Methods Of Efficient Home Fermentation  

4:15pm Sourdough: From Ancient Technique to Cottagecore Trend with Chef Emily Buehler 

Breakout Sessions:

12pm Sour Pickles from Cucumbers with Sandor Katz

A delve into the most challenging, and the most rewarding of vegetable ferments. ($30) Tickets:

2pm Kimchi Making with Eunice Chang of The Spicy Hermit ($25) 

Ever wanted to make your own kimchi but didn’t know where to start? Curious about kimchi? In this class, we’ll make our own napa cabbage kimchi, a classic Korean food staple, and discuss the origins and history of kimchi and how it has evolved to what it is today. We will also have recipe options and a Q/A format throughout the class. Each participant will take home a pint jar of kimchi. Tickets:

3pm Unique uses of Koji and Zero-waste Vinegar w/ Chef Hannah Bardin and The Chefswild Team ($25)  

Join chef Hannah Bardin of Cary, NC who in collaboration with fermentation and foraging experts The Chefswild Team of Nashville, TN and Raleigh, NC will introduce you to some unique uses of koji in the making of a very non-traditional Indian-inspired kulfi/freezee pop with locally foraged paw paw and elderberry. In addition to making/enjoying a refreshing and nutrient-dense summer treat we will also be utilizing the native yeasts from our fruits scraps, along with Botanist and Barrel cider lees, to make a zero-waste vinegar with a magnitude of culinary applications. Tickets:

4pm Fermented Corn Beverages and Tepache with Chef Luis Martinez of Tequio Foods ($25) This thought-provoking course will interview traditional beverage making while challenging the misconceptions surrounding fermentation practices among Indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico. You’ll explore the vibrant tapestry of culinary traditions and cultural heritage. Tickets:


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