American Viticultural Areas (AVAs)

Only areas that are home to distinctive climates, soil, and elevations earn the prestigious designation of an American Viticultural Area. North Carolina is home to 6 AVAs. When you sip in these regions, you know you’re experiencing something singularly exclusive to the spot you’re standing.

Appalachian High Country AVA

Vineyards in the Appalachian High Country AVA are planted at elevations between 2,290 and 4,630 feet. The wineries in this AVA experience unique challenges and benefits created by the elevation and sloping mountainsides.

Crest of the Blue Ridge AVA

Crest of the Blue Ridge in Henderson County is named for the Eastern Continental Divide, which runs diagonally through the AVA. Its defining features are climate and elevation. Warm days and cool nights during growing season produce ideal conditions for cultivating European vinifera and French-American hybrid grapes. The average elevation is 2,362 feet, marking a distinction from the rolling foothills to the east and south, and the taller, rugged mountains to the north and west.

Haw River AVA

The wineries in this AVA enjoy a long growing season and rich soil in the Haw River Valley. An average of 214 frost-free days are perfect for both the grapes and wine lovers who enjoy sipping on the patio nearly year-round.

Swan Creek AVA

Located in the Yadkin Valley, the wineries of the Swan Creek AVA enjoy a specific microclimate that makes their grapes unique. The nearby Brushy Mountains create a scenic backdrop, as well as provide a distinct mineral-rich soil known for its ability to retain nutrients and water.

Upper Hiwassee Highlands AVA

The winding rivers and tree-covered slopes of the Appalachian Mountains are home to North Carolina vineyards producing distinctive sweet and off-dry style wines.

Yadkin Valley AVA

Yadkin Valley holds the distinction of being North Carolina’s first AVA. Moderate elevations and proximity to the Yadkin River allow a variety of grapes to thrive in this area that’s now home to dozens of wineries.